Fayner Posts: I was thinking the other day about how much of my life has been spent writing for this site, something like 15% or so. That’s a lot.

And then I was walking down the street and TheRealLukeFord drove by in a Rolls Royce with like five naked chicks hanging out and he’s throwing out stacks of $100 bills to the poor folk and laughing all the way…

“Hey, Luke,” I panted after catching up to his $200,000 whip at a stop light, “How can you afford such wonderful things and have such naked women around you at all times?”

“Listen, kid,” Luke said, handing me a $100 bill, “I write books. Lots of them. And its the easiest thing to do, you just search through your web site’s archives and pick some good stuff, then go flirt with the guy at Kinkos and before long you have a book you can show your friends! You should try it!”

And then he was off in a cloud of success and disposable income.

So what the fuck, right? I have like five years worth of writing on this site and there has to be a hilarious book in here somewhere. I just want what TheRealLukeFord has: fame, success and piles of cash.

If you remember any great articles I’ve done here over the years I would love to hear about it ’cause I prolly don’t remember writing it. Maybe I’ll put it in the book. Send suggestions to

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