Don't forget to breatheDCypher posts: Days go by but a steady stream of delightful content just keeps pouring out of Met Art like a river of sweet girly nectar. Their archives are deep and they keep updating and updating.

I know some of you think I’m biased at this point, despite adding tons of other free content to this site, but Met Art continues to amaze me. From the response that I’ve gotten it continues to amaze many of you as well.

Where on earth do they find all these hot ass young chicks with perfect breasts? Fuck me sideways. Only Met Art knows.

This lovely lady has a name that is virtually impossible to pronounce. In fact, her name looks more like the town Saddam Hussein used to summer in when he was in his early teens than the moniker used to identify a human being.

I renamed her Lucia. I’m sure it won’t slow your stroke.

Enjoy the set.

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