So this chick Dakoda Brookes is staying at our place for a few weeks. She’s just 19 and loves to talk. It’s fucking awesome.

Dez and Alaura were shooting the first chapter for season two of Whorecraft over the weekend. It stars Dakoda, Bianca Dagger and Barrett Blade. It’s fucking awesome.

I wasn’t there on Saturday when they shot out in the desert somewhere ’cause I was still working on an article about Haley Paige and Wanker Wang for Hustler Magazine. But when they came back, I could see that Dakoda had a bit of a crush on Bianca. There were chicks everywhere and they’d been drinking. It was Squawkfest 2007. It was not fucking awesome.

So I went to bed. It was about 9 p.m. I woke up at around 1 in the morning to the sound of chicks being drunk and loud. Finally, Dakoda and Bianca retreated to the spare bedroom to fingerbang each other. Minutes later and there’s screaming and banging coming from the room. FINGERBANG!

Meanwhile, I’m in my bed behind a locked door. The fingerbanging ends. I hear the footsteps coming closer. Then the knock.

Like a dumbass I opened the door. Both Dakoda and Bianca are standing at my door soaking wet with freshly lit cigs in their mouths. They barge in.

Dakoda hops into bed with me. I look to Bianca to give her the look of a scared man: me. It’s like two a.m. and two soaking wet chicks just fingerbanged are sitting in my room squawking about hair and fingerbanging and cock and makeup and boys and more useless crap. Bianca sucks down her smoke and goes for another. Dakoda hops on my dick and starts riding me.

Fifteen seconds later I blow my wad. I kick both of them out, grab a bunch of t-shirts to cover all the wet spots they left on my bed and go to sleep. But minutes later I am again treated to a loud fingerbanging session between the two.

And that’s what happened. It was the best sex I’ve ever had.

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