Adriana Sage

DCypher posts: Andrew Blake is an amazing erotic artist. Adriana Sage is a stunningly beautiful porn star. What happens when you mix the two?

Pure magic?

They go together like waffles and cocaine, like chocolate pudding and Chinese food, like bad poetry and acid.

Just kidding.

They’re like bacon and eggs, sudoku and autism, or a fish and a bicycle.

Whatever. I’m not conveying this properly. Never mind.

The point is that this set is amazing and you should definitely check it out.

Andrew Blake has a thing for very intricate rope work known as Shibari. It takes a special kind of twine looking rope. He brings in a special rigger to do this who’s very good at it. I’ve seen him work. I was on set when Andrew shot this set. No joke. He is amazing.

Andrew Blake is all about attention to detail and fetish. The effect, I am sure you will agree, is well worth the effort. Enjoy

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