Would you have sex with this man? DCypher posts: I never really got the whole wrestling thing. Personally I think it’s silly if you’re over 14 to care about a bunch of ‘roided out drama queens parading around in costumes and spandex pretending to beat each other with chairs and chains. America, it would seem, once again does not agree with me. So be it America. I will simply love you until you come to your senses.

This week it has come out that a grown man in Atlanta who wrestles under the names “The Colorado Crusader,” “The Georgia Blond” and, most notably, “Hardbody Harrison,” but whose real name is Harrison “Hardbody” Norris, has been accused of being a violent rapist on top of being a pretend violent wrestler. According to news sources Norris, 41, is on trial in Atlanta on federal charges that he kept nine women as sex slaves in his two Cartersville homes.

Serving as his own attorney, because he’s such a genius, Norris has started countering a week of testimony about bloody head butts, maniacal mind games and forced orgies called “cut parties,” in which women had to have sex with up to eight men at a single gathering. Norris contends the women willingly entered his homes because they wanted to train as pro wrestlers claiming many of the women arrived on drugs and left in the best shape of their lives. The women say that may be true, but the push-ups, squats and strict diets were designed to prepare them for something else: prostitution. They say Norris pimped them out at Latino nightclubs, trailer parks and parties until three of them ran to police during a shopping trip in Smyrna.

Norris, who pimpastically is known for calling his fists “The Pork Chop” and “The Biscuit Cutter,” made clear that he would use violence if necessary according to an alleged victim, who was given the name Mocha, and said that after she had her own “cut party” with eight men, Norris took another woman to have hers inside a hotel room. When this woman resisted, Mocha testified, Norris head-butted her.

A former U.S. Army sergeant and Gulf War veteran, Norris imposed a military-style structure in the homes, several witnesses said. The more-experienced women were designated “team leaders” who watched over “soldiers.” Norris, who slept in the “General’s Quarters,” controlled their movements and their money, said Rose Davenport, a team leader. She testified that the women had to memorize “Hardbody’s 10 Commandments.” The first commandment was “Respect Hardbody.” The 10th: “If you have any questions, ask Hardbody.” Norris always kept half and often took part of the women’s share to pay for hairdos, pedicures and other living expenses, they said. The highest-earning woman could sleep in a special bedroom called “Queen’s Palace.” A list on the wall spelled out amenities such as “$200 off fines,” “day off” and “private TV.” The women said “the queen” only had to have sex with one man: Norris.

During the two-week trial, Norris has sported a bright orange prison jumpsuit and a trademark braided beard that, in the ring, was often dyed blond. He has cross-examined his alleged victims and successfully lodged objections to prosecution testimony. This week he began presenting his own witnesses.

Norris is being prosecuted under an anti-human trafficking law first passed in 2000. Designed to halt the flow of sex and labor slaves into the United States, the law also has emerged as a weapon against home-grown trafficking.

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