DCypher posts: This is Kyra.

Not so long ago she decided that she needed a lot more dick in her life. Yeah you read that right. Whose house do you think you’re in anyway fool?

So she worked up the nerve to contact the good people at Prime Cups and let them know just how she was feeling. They were more than happy to offer some useful suggestions about how she could handle that burning need of hers.

They told her that if she came down they would find two big dick studs to fill up her lonely holes. They promised that she’d get it good and hard for an extended period of time. They swore they knew guys who could go for hours, slamming away, until her itch was fully scratched. They said it was fucking easy peasy Japanesy to turn her out and cover her big big titties in gallons of goopy ass man goo. Yes. They used those silly words.

And so a plan was hatched. The results? Well, shit, you’re going to have to see that for yourself cowboy. I think you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised. That’s all I’m saying.

You’re welcome…fuckers.

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