DCypher posts: Jenni likes collecting seashells down by the seashore.

Say that ten times fast…no wait…don’t. I take it back. You’re just gonna hurt yourself trying that hard kid.

Jenni’s a natural exhibitionist who loves the beach more than she loves anything in the world.

She dreams about swimming with dolphins.

She reads articles about climate change in National Geographic.

She watches movies with smooth surfer boys and touches herself until she goes numb, you know, down there.

She’s steady dreaming of the day that she can visit Sea World. Once for Halloween she dressed up as Aqua Girl. The next year she dressed up as Arial from the Little Mermaid and wore a red wig.

She wants to study to be an oceanographer at UCSD but first she wants to model nude for a while to raise awareness about pollution. She’s an eco-warrior in training trust me.

When she turned 18, which was like 49 and a half seconds ago, she ran to the closest ocean and stripped off all of her clothing and took these pictures. It was awesome. You should have been there. I was there.

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