DCypher posts: A steady stream of amazing content keeps flowing out of Suze Dot Net, the way the cocaine keeps steady flowing through American streets despite the war on drugs and the implausibility of transporting that kind of weight over our borders without the CIA, FBI, or NSA finding out. Someone ought to tell Lou Dobbs that shit, maybe tell him turning his head to the real news is just another form of worker’s misconduct. Next they’re gonna tell us that they don’t know where Bin Laden is hiding. What are we, stupid?

I digress I confess. Back to Suze.

She really does just kill it live, proverbially speaking. Let that sink in a minute.

Girls like Sara Vandella, amazing as it sounds, flock from all over the country to peel off their tight clothing and spread their dripping pink butterflies for the Randall family. Sara’s pretty new to the volatile world of pornography. No amount of Google searching could produce anywhere near a decent bio on her. In fact I don’t know shit about her. Typical. This happens a lot with Suze Dot Net. You know what that’s called? Fresh…like Pike Street.

Fuck where she came from. Fuck what it all means. Jim Morrison once said he was gonna get his kicks before the whole shithouse went up in flames. Wise words. I suggest you put them to the test.

You’ve been sleepwalking through most of your life, psychological reacting to the world, politically ignorant, and spiritually numb. Why change today?

Close Ur Eyes & Click

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