DCypher posts: This is Mila. She’s not one of us. She’s European. She speaks three languages and understands world politics. She’s even voted, which places her ahead of fifty percent of American’s statistically and most of the people working in the sex industry worldwide.

From the time she was old enough to thumb through her brother’s skin mags she’s wanted to pose nude but never had the courage to try it until shortly after her 18th birthday when her boyfriend, Soren the amateur eroticist, began pressuring her for some nude shots to add to his ever expanding portfolio. He dreams of being a cross between Helmet Newton and the American master Andrew Blake.

Mila played at not wanting to be bothered by his silly obsession but inside her heart raced at the thought of becoming like one of the models her brother Anton drooled over.

Soren and Mila took a splendidly overcast weekend trip to Antwerp to scout out locations but in the end were too afraid to work outdoors, where they might be discovered, and so they decided to just shoot in Soren’s laundry room, after appropriate modifications were made.

It just goes to show all of you wannabe photographers out there how far you can go with a stunningly beautiful, naked young girl, a large, gold belt, and a white sheet. It’s enough to make a real set designer sick.

Mila loved the set beyond word. It was her idea to submit the gallery to Met Art. Soren is still hunting for new models who will work with him but it’s safe to say that Mila’s new career is blossoming like a tightly coiled flower bud brought into the light of the midday sun.

Check her out.

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