DCypher posts: Looking at young Lidiya here is like taking a trip down memory lane. Back when I used to have the sweetest tooth in the world for girls with red hair and porcelain white skin she would have been the perfect drug.


I would have called her my Blue Magic and she could have called me Frank, if you dig my meaning.

Still she’s looking more than amazing in her leg warmers posing her perfect young body off like she’s just daring me to reconvert to the red, her every twist another taunt, that innocent smile enough to kill a diabetic and end this pointless diatribe.

You know they say in twelve step programs that an addict’s rate of recidivism, his or her chances of going back to using, are pretty astronomical, or so I’ve heard. I’m not much for anything that’s stepped on personally, but I understand what those cult fuckers are talking about when I look at this set. I know some of you do too…mostly the ones that are already done reading this swill and deep into the free pix of red velvet right now.

The rest of you are either gay or possess incredible superhuman will power akin to that posited by philosophical great Nietzsche in his early work.

Sweet Lidiya might just be that “one last high” I’ve been waiting for, one final taste of the red that gets me strung out on bad Irish former Catholic schoolgirls hell bent on pissing off their daddies by just giving it all away. I’m not like you though. Trust me. I can quit whenever I want. It’s not a problem. I just like looking at the pictures.

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