A straight rider...DCypher posts: Danny Dukes is a pimp azz mofo. You know this. We’ve already gone over this in quite some detail. Recently he fell off the radar. I checked County. I checked the hospitals. I made calls to TJ to see if the holmes was just getting major crazy up in Zona Norte!!!!!

Finally my favorite cholo hit me back to tell me he’s been big pimping out in New Mexico. Here is what he had to say for himself:

“This is Danny Dukes reporting from an untapped market in New Mexico where the beer flows like water and bitches are running rampant.

If you only knew how deep it was here you’d be on extended leave as well. I try to leave every day but they just pull me back in.

I wanna give a shout out to all the fine hoes in Albudirty and Fanta Se. Tell the
kids I love em and I ain’t never comin back!”

Despite his insistence on staying on the Big Rock Candy Mountain the boy is going back to Cali. He said it made him cry gold tears. God speed you Mr. Dukes!

Crying gold tears...

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