The future is now... DCypher posts: Over the summer I spent a great deal of time with one of my favorite partner’s in crime, Cassidy aka Bob. She used to live off Melrose in this cool spot with the Jacuzzi and the clown painting!!!!

Good times.

Between us and our boy Vic, a civilian music producer and bad muthafuckah, we comprised what we lovingly called the News Team. When Cassidy would holler the News Team Assemble it was on, plain and simple. It was a pretty crazy fucking summer, late nights, wild parties, drunken shenanigans in the streets, getting chucked out of bars. In order to protect the guilty I’m not gonna get into it.

One night I began insisting that we head down to Drake’s Emporium to buy whip hits or as I like to call it hippy crack. I didn’t want to go alone cuz the last time I went in there to buy my ex a birthday present some bull queer started mad dogging me and I thought I was going to either end up as a lamp shade in a creepy serial killer’s apartment or some hairy dudes punk bitch. Cassidy is far tougher than me, much more willing to throw down. Why do you think she only has one real eye? I pleaded with her and she eventually acquiesced to my request. That means she said yes.

Once inside the store I found a copy of this movie I wrote and directed TABOO 22 and was showing it to Cassidy. The guy behind the counter got all excited and started telling me how the movie is still selling well. When I told him it was my show he pulled out a pen and made me sign the copy I was holding despite me telling him that no one wants a porn director’s signature on a movie. Then he asked me if I wanted to do an in store signing. I told him that no one would show up to see a porn director talk about a movie without a chick.

I know it’s just porn but it felt pretty cool to be honest. I wondered if that was what it felt like to be an important porn director like Andrew Blake or Paul Thomas or John Stagliano?

Earlier today I was working on getting some cool new galleries to post her at LF and I ran across this one I shot on set while I was making TABOO 22 from my old site. I’m pretty sure most of you have never seen these pix so feel free to check them out. What’s in the gallery you ask? There’s Ava Rose right before she signed with Adam and Eve and Brooke Haven doing nasty things with Van Damage. There’s also shots of Faith Leone and April doing a boy girl girl scene with some old guy. There’s even pictures of Charlie Laine, Neveah, Celeste Star, and Carli Banks doing a 4 way girls scene. That was actually really amazing. See for yourself.

Oh, and just for fun, if you can guess which company owner used to work at Drake’s Emporium back in the day I will personally send you a free copy of the movie. No cheating.


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