Lela UndoneDCypher posts: So today is the magical day that my newest Club Jenna feature LELA UNDONE comes out. You will now all mindless flock to brick and mortar stores and pick up copies of it so that we can collectively dispel this awful rumors that DVD sales are plummeting.

Back in the not so distant past, seems like just months ago now, when I was still signed exclusively to Club Jenna/Playboy I shot this feature with Lela Star. I heart her…big time. It was her first feature for the company and I think it was her first movie overall. She did an AMAZING job. That woman fucks like she is possessed! She took on Steven St. Croix and Elena Rivera in my obvious Single White Female knock off. The working title, by the way, was “Dangerous Obsessions,” but in the end they wanted to incorporate her name into the project. Could be worse.By the way my homie Justice Young just demolishes the lovely and talented Alexis Love. It’s just a pleasure to watch that little girl fuck too. You have NO idea. Riley Shy also tears it up with AVN’s 2006 Performer of the Year Tommy Gunn or as I like to call him “the Machine.” There is a LOT of great sex in this flick with a seriously hot cast. Be sure to check it out…that is if you’re straight and like porn…and not a member of some freaky Christian anti-porn cult.

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