Fayner Posts: TR called early this morning. I picked it up.

“We were fucking drunk as hell last night off that special vodka!” I shouted. “And no fucking hangover! See, I can yell and everything is fine and dandy like sour candy!”

“Stop it,” she interjected. “We have more important things to discuss.”

“Such as?”

“I finally watched Blood Diamond with Leo Dicaprio last night!”

“Good, wasn’t it?”

“Good??? It’s appauling is what it is! Do you know that for every diamond you buy someone has died because of it?”

“Yes, I saw the movie.”

“Well, mark my words: I will never wear a conflict diamond again!”

TR is on her way over right now so we can go run the dogs on the beach in Malibu. I’ll let you know how many diamonds she has on…

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