Fayner Posts: For what seems like forever, Luke has had some sick fascination with porn chicks escorting. It’s all over his site, week after week, either about some chick he believes is escorting or the printing of some mysterious list of girls and their prices.

Enough already, okay? We all know every porno chick – minus a tiny handful – has at one time escorted. Most of them still do. It’s all but carved in stone, right there for everyone to see.

So why does Luke continue to post this information? Is it for his own twisted enjoyment? Perhaps, as it has been said over the years that the self-proclaimed “anti-porno” Luke feasts on sex workers in exchange for money.

I don’t really care why he does it, I just wish he would stop. The cover-up has been unfoiled long ago. It’s time to give this one up, Luke. For the sake of the children, please just let it go.

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