Fayner Posts: Just got back from my two week vacation where I only checked the internet once. I’m not sure if this Haley Paige death thing is true or not, but I decided to repost the interview I did with her back in January of 2006.

FAYNER Where are you from? Cleveland? Kenya?

HAILEY PAIGE I was born in Mexico in a tiny little mining town. I moved to California when I was around 12.

FAYNER Weren’t your parents in a cult? Were they into UFOs?

HAILEY PAIGE No. It was a cult, but not like that. My parents were missionaries. My mother is still involved in it so I shouldn’t really say much, but it is funny how people can be brainwashed so easily.

FAYNER Speaking of your mom, I saw in a picture that she has some killer tits. Huge! And she’s like what,…

HAILEY PAIGE 70 years old. It gives me hope that these things here (her fabulous chest) will survive…

FAYNER Tell me about the lovely year you spent in Australia.

HAILEY PAIGE I got a job doing pr for a travel web site. I went to Hawaii for 2 months. Everything was great. Then we went New Zealand. The guy I was working for, who up until then was a perfect boss, all of a sudden flipped out and stole my passport, credit cards and money and told me I wasn’t allowed to leave his site. My Emails were screened. But we were doing so many fun things that I didn’t really mind for a while.

FAYNER Fun things? Like having sex?

HAILEY PAIGE It was not about that. It was an obsession. The funny part was that my parents didn’t even care. He’d use how they never emailed me against me: “They don’t even love you!”

FAYNER So how did you finally escape?

HAILEY PAIGE I had become super depressed. Homesick. Crying for 2 months straight. I guess it got to him ‘cause one day he called my father and said “send her a ticket.” That was it. When I got back I didn’t even tell my dad what had happened.

FAYNER Any emotional scars from this?

HAILEY PAIGE I’m sure I do! But I don’t deal with things. Ever. That’s my problem.

FAYNER Sounds healthy. So tell me about your brother.

HAILEY PAIGE My older brother is currently in Corcoran prison. That’s where Charlie Manson is. He’s served 12 years on a 100 years to life sentence for 1st Degree murder. He bashed some guys head with a rock and killed him. I doubt he will ever get out. The worst part is he has a son he’s never met.

FAYNER More importantly is whether he is still sportin’ the mustache like in the picture I saw of him.

HAILEY PAIGE He still has the mustache.

FAYNER Fucking cool. I want a mustache. How’d you get into porn?

HAILEY PAIGE I came home broke from Australia.

FAYNER What??? I thought hostages got paid for their time? No?

HAILEY PAIGE Anyway, I always knew that if I wanted to I could do porno. It was always in the back of mind.

FAYNER Porno chicks have minds? Just kidding. Here’s a funny thing about you I bet no one knew. You never gave head before your first on-screen sex scene.

HAILEY PAIGE That’s true. Can you believe it? It took some practice, but luckily I have these great lips and that made it easier on me. I practiced a lot.

FAYNER And from what my dick tells me it sure paid off! Are you mad now ‘cause missed out on all them years of sucking dick?

HAILEY PAIGE Yeah, kind of. It would have come in handy I’m sure somewhere down the line.

FAYNER Oh, it does. Trust me! So where on your wonderful body do you prefer the load to be shot?

HAILEY PAIGE Well right now I have a foot fetish, so I like it on my toes and then I lick it up.

FAYNER What about last week?

HAILEY PAIGE Last week I liked it on my boobs.

FAYNER And the week before that?

HAILEY PAIGE Before that it was in my mouth.

FAYNER Good girl. Ever have a chick lover?

HAILEY PAIGE Yeah, I had a girlfriend for about a year when I was 17. Her name was Marsela, and her family was Mormon. We had a whole thing in common with the weird family religion. She had a shaved head, she was beautiful. I miss her.

FAYNER What happened?

HAILEY PAIGE She left me for a Mormon guy. I was devastated. I haven’t dated a woman since.

FAYNER Last question: Did you used to think that cats and dogs were the same animal?

HAILEY PAIGE Yes. But I was very young. I thought that cats were female dogs and dogs were male dogs. That’s why I can never get a female dog or a male cat.

FAYNER You’ve truly lived a tough life. Growing up without a female dog …  How very sad!!! Oh, yeah, and the hostage thing and the brother in jail thing and the psycho parents things too. They must have also been rough.

HAILEY PAIGE Are we done yet?

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