Actually, someone owes Kevin Moore the ‘Genius of the Week Award’

I wonder what distributors will think of a title with a production date dating back as far as 18 months ago? 3 of the 5 scenes were shot over 12 months ago, and the ‘newest’ scene of the 5 is approaching 10 months old.

What will distributors PAY for an 18 month old title? IVD might pay $3, GVA might pay $4 – if its really good!!! And you can give them any slick story you want, but the bottom line is they look at the DOP and base decisions on that. Titles with an 18 month old DOP are generally viewed by distributors as being a catalog title.

Why would anyone shoot a scene 18 months ago and hold on to it for a year and a half? Unlike a fine wine, scenes do not hold their value with age. The older a scene gets the less value it has.

Make a nice box cover, throw a hip and new styled title/genre on the cover and inside cram it with old scenes. Porn at its’ best.

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