Fayner Posts: Lately, as some of you can guess, I’ve found myself trying to crusade against porno chicks who can’t properly write a sentence in hopes of maybe raising the overall assumption that people in this business are dumb retards. And yes, a dumb retard sounds redundant, but I fear what we’re dealing with is worse than just retarded, and fear it might spread like wildfire and I don’t wanna be a part of something so sad. So, it’s either call them all out or quit the business. And since none of you want me to quit, I guess this is the only thing for me to do at theis present time.

First it was Taryn Thomas last week. Now, it seems, Stafani Morgan has my full, unimpressed attention. Sure, she’s hot all all that, but it truly saddens me when the thing that I do – sometimes well, sometimes not – is injured so badly it can hardly be recognized. Here is something Stefani said on ADT:

“i think it’s problem in this biz because we are sending a message to women of all ages that you need to something you aren’t to attract a man. this is only worse for the younger girls that look at pornstar.”

I mean seriously, If TR can finally learn the difference between they’re, there and their without my help, every porno chick should be able to – atleast – make a little sense in what she says. Right?

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