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So as I said in my bulletin last week, I got the results back from my ass culture at AIM. It was a test to see if my boo-boo was HSV-2. The result was negative. This was a big relief for me. However, I was still very concerned as to what the hell it was. So I made an appointment at the dermatologist recommended by a good friend, Dave Naz. I went there today and the doctor told me that from what I described and what she saw, she could only safely say that it was most likely Shingles. Because I was on Valtrex for the last week, it has almost fully healed the breakout so she couldn’t really do a culture on it to find out what it was. But I’m satisfied with the answer she gave me. Regardless, I am still sticking to my earlier posts about retiring from performing with others because it wasn’t just about me having herpes or giving herpes to someone else, because my husband also got tested for herpes and his results came back negative. My decision to quit performing with others was due to “What COULD happen” as opposed to what has happened. I just simply don’t want to get anymore STDs or something worse. STDs are the most stressful part of my job and I’m sorry if I sound selfish, but how about you step into my shoes for a year or so and THEN you decide. But I’ve actually not fully retired yet. I’m still finishing up the VIVID movie, Devil in Miss Jones: Lost Paradise, AND I will be shooting my VERY last performances for my own company in a feature movie that I’ve been dreaming about doing for 3 years now. I’ll keep you all posted on that as the project develops, but right now I can only say that it will be a psychotic-thriller (surprised?)!

So remember back in July when I ripped the shit out of my big toe at the beach, well I fucking did it again today running to the ATM, this time on my OTHER foot. I guess I’m just not cut out to be a foot model! Boohoo! The good thing is my other wound didn’t leave a scar, so neither should this one! Oh yeah, and the doctor said the shingles WILL leave a scar. 🙁

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