Fayner Posts: Daily trip to Luke’s site, lots of fun like every day is a jizz party in my mouth.

Got to reading the thing about Taryn Thomas’s big comeback – frankly, did anyone even know she had retired? – and how Luke applauds her for spelling and punctuating correctly in her emails, posts or whatever.

And then I read what Taryn wrote. Correct punctuation? Hardly!

Read what she wrote below – mainly the second and third paragraph – and see if you can point out the many punctuation mistakes.

Shame on you, Luke. You’re a professional writer for (my) God’s Sake! Jews hate you.

I am still going to have a great comeback. But I want to make sure I am in perfect CONDITION physically before I start performing on screen again. If you read above you would know what is going on so I advise you to do so.

Another thing that is posted above. I am having my boobs done OCT 29th. I do not plan to disappear after my surgery. Why would I? As for the two girls you mentioned above. Melissa Lauren is contracted to Marc Dorcel (a Euro Company) and Tiffany Rayne quit for her boyfriend. So I suggest you get your facts straight before you post.

As for the Body Miracle thing. I have no comment on that. But as I said before and will say again. How I spend my time off camera is no ones business PLAN AND SIMPLE. So if you were trying to get a rise out of me. Good try, buddy…

Email with the whole thing correctly written, and maybe you can win a prize!

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