for all Belladonna’s honesty and sincerity, she may become the defendant in a criminal and/or civil suit. States have laws on the books against knowingly engaging in sex while having an STD. The law(s) require that the infected tell their partner before having sex. If they don’t, they can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor, all the way to a felony (depending on the state’s law).

She wrote it herself, that when the guy actually asked her, she lied (although she wrote he asked after having sex). Again, she said it herself that she’s had the disease for five years. And the ironic part is that she had him tested for diseases, in the interest of being safe.

In my opinion, what she did was horrible. It wasn’t like she picked up some random guy at a bar, and lust and alcohol usurped better judgment, and they ran to go have sex in the back of a car. No, she was attracted to this man for some time, she dreamt of being intimate with this man, and wanted to enjoy herself with him without fear of contracting disease(s). Yet she possibly gave him a lifelong disease.

I don’t think the facts that he is a “civilian” and she’s a porn star are mitigating factors. Pure and simple, she lied. She fucking lied.


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