Fayner Posts: I wrote about this a long long time ago. Seems the L.A. Times picked up my story and ran with it. Bastards.

Chatsworth, CA – Adult performer Jenna Presley is not your normal sex worker. She’s kind to animals, comes out during the daylight and fights for what is right.

In this case, what was right was ending a horrible trend inside the Albertsons. It may have taken close to a year to do so, but the fiesty bombshell has finally won.

“Listen,” Presley said outside the L.A. County courthouse, “I saw an injustice, and I made it right.”

She is, of course, referring to her lawsuit against the supermarket company, which innocently began one day outside their Chatsworth location as she picketed against the vile uniforms employees are forced to wear.

“LIke I said before, no one should have to endure such eye garbage as what they’re wearing at that damn market. Didn’t anyone teach them about color coordinating? I guess not.”

Presley’s refusal to quit eventually led to a lawsuit, in which she proclaimed the supermarket’s uniforms caused her massive nightmares and a phobia of supermarkets altogether.

“Believe me, I want to go food shopping. You think I enjoy letting my boyfriend do all the shopping? Hell, no!”

But today the fighting is over. Albertsons has settled with the young star for an undisclosed amount of money, and plans are already in motion to change the hideous uniforms at all 500 locations across the West.

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