Fayner Posts: So Staci and TR and I went to San Francisco this past weekend. Staci and I went to visit with our respective families, and TR, well, she just went to be famous. It’s what she does best you know.

So we’re sitting there drinking some amazing russian vodka that you can’t even get here in the states, happily buzzed, and I decided to bring out the story about my last trip to Israel like 8 years ago.

My dad and I were in Jerusalem visiting his oldest friend, since kindergarden or some shit like that. They were in the army together, too, so their bond I guess was pretty strong.

My dad’s friend had a nice house with his wife and kids. He also had an apartment they didn’t know about. That’s where we were, drinking vodka as they buzzed on in hebrew about the old times. Then they wanted to go out and get a drink. I was way too shitty to go anywhere, so they left me passed out on the couch while they went out drinking.

I woke up to a bunch of laughing and things banging around.

“Scott, get down here!” my dad yelled from downstairs. I walked over to the balcony and saw the two men on a couch with a fat russian hooker.

“She wasn’t a Russian hooker!” my dad yells, as Staci and TR sit in disbelief.

“Yes, she was,” I said, “and you wanted me to join in.”

“So? Is that so wrong?”

“She was a Russian whore!” I yelled.

“She wasn’t a Russian whore!” he again shouted. “She was a …a…”

“A Russian slut?” TR blurts out.

“Yes, exactly, a Russian slut. I wanted you to join in on a Russian slut.”

“Damn! If I knew that I would have totally jumped in. Damn!”

My dad turns to Staci and TR. “What’s wrong with my son? Do you know?”

Both women shake their head no.

We all take another shot of vodka.

Good times.

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