From Here Wondering how far the halo of celebrity stretches? Well, try this on for size. After dealing with the aftermath of a drunk driver accident on the Massachusetts Turnpike outside of Boston early Saturday morning, policemen and clean-up crew members lined up to pose with porn star Ron Jeremy for souvenir photographs.


Jeremy, anti-porn crusader Pastor Craig Gross and others were on a bus heading out of town for New York City after the latest pit stop of their travelling national road show, the Great Porn Debate. “There were eight of us in the front of the bus in the living room area and we all landed on top of each other,” Gross writes on his website “I have never seen Ron Jeremy move like that. My two kids and Jeanette were sleeping and did not even wake up. Jason the moderator of the debate busted his ankle. The drunk driver tried to put his passenger in the driver’s seat but thanks to all the cameras in our bus we got proof of that. They hand cuffed him and took him to jail.”


Jeremy has logged more miles on this tour than he did while making 1,800 plus adult movies. The Friday night Boston debate date followed the dates of August 5th in Milwaukee, August 6th in Chicago, August 7th in Grand Rapids, August 8th in Indianapolis and August 9th in Pittsburgh. The tour concluded Saturday, August 10th with a final Big Apple engagement.


The Great Porn Debate includes questions from the audience, and at the Chicago engagement for example, when an audience member complained about the imagery of women put forth in porn, the Hedgehog suggested that this was also true of much of the mainstream media. “If that were the problem, then we should condemn Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Hell, I used to masturbate to Gilligan’s Island!'”


Jeremy has always been (also) known for his throwaway sense of humor. To wit, his February 2007 autobiography is titled The Hardest (Working) Man in Hollywood. The former adult superstar also recently loaned out his Hollywood apartment as a shooting location for Entourage.

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