Fayner Posts: Some may recall a Hustler article I wrote a few years back in which I brought Taylor Rain home to meet my mother. Scary, right? Funny thing is, it was scary before we even got off the damn plane.

You see, Bandit, TR’s pit bull, almost died on the plane. And when we got off the plane, I had to sit there with my best friend while a doctor told us her dog would be dead by the next morning.

He lived.

And now there’s Bella, the 4 month old Mastiff she and Keith have who recently got something called Cherry Eye, which is the tear duct coming out of the eye, kinda like a huge blood blister just under the eye. A simple surgery would take care of the problem. Easy as pie.

I’d say more like as easy as stealing a pie from Fort Knox. The doctor called TR and told her she should come in right away and say goodbye to her dog. This was yesterday afternoon. She called me. Deja Vu. I drove my SL500 at top speed and picked her up so we could go to the vet hospital.

Long and ugly story short, the hospital fucked up and a bunch of fluid got inside her heart. 50/50 chance they said.

Me and TR and all the dogs held hands and prayed for Bella.

She’s now doing fine, spending the day being observed before she can come home.

Thanks for your concern. Bella promises not to sit on you when she’s 150 pounds of drool and legs.

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