Fayner Posts: One of the first things I learned about this business, the first thing that really really shocked me, was something my old boss Mike Albo told me about a week into my employment over at Hustler.

It was something about Amber Lynn, her brother who also works in the business, Buck Adams, and how Buck had shot scenes of his sister getting fucked.

That shocked me. Grossed me out, too. I have a sister, and recall how queasy I got when that Ryan Knox was just talking to her, let alone sit and watch as he fucked her.

Well, time sure has turned me into a scumbag I can assure you that because I am now pleased to be able to announce that there is a new brother-sister team coming together that will tear the roof off the motha so to speak.

The sister is a well-known starlet. Her brother is an 18 year old unknown with an amazing cock and a catchy name. He’s shooting his first scene this week that will be shot by his sister in her debut directing gig.

Things are gonna heat up.

I’ll be able to reveal the names in a day or two when all the web sites and domain names have been bought and the I’s dotted and t’s crossed and so on.

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