MALE SAC – JULY 25, 2007

Batese Writes In: You’re a pretty funny guy. I like your page but i have one question. Why do pornstars have easier time finding dates within the adult industry than on the outside of it.

Fayner Says: Thanks for the nice words.

A few things make many of the porno chicks choose the penis of a male porno performer. Here are some I could think of.

1) A good deal of the female talent spends most of their time working. That means they are around porno men most of the time. When they’re not working and just want to get laid, I believe it is easier making a call to a guy in the business who understands the needs she desires: no chit-chat, no awkward foreplay and no commitment.

2) Almost every guy in the real world finds porno chicks either intimidating or dirty. Not many men can handle their chick doing other men for money on film, and the ones who can aren’t worth it. I assume it is just easier relating to another sex worker than an average joe.

3) Most men would be surprised to know how timid and boring many of the porno chicks are when the camera isn’t rolling. The porno chicks don’t really want to do reverse cowgirl and piledriver when not being paid ’cause it hurts them I’ve been told. A porno guy knows this, knows what the chick wants. A civilian doesn’t.

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