Fayner Posts: Once upon a time there was only Rhiannon. She was a sweet mutt. Then came Bandit, followed by lots of poop and pee. Smokie came next, with more poop and even more pee. Bella soon followed, with tons of poop and pee. I thought that would be it. Puppies are hard.

In 12 hours Dez and Staci are picking up their Mastiff puppy from the airport and bringing back home. Lots of poop and pee are sure to be tagging along.

I’m scared. They came home with a Catholic-size pack of paper towels earlier. How long before I step in dog shit without shoes on? A day? A week? I’m scared.

In other Dez news, it was discovered last night that while out to dinner with Taylor and Keith that Dez had on two different shoes. It wouldn’t have been so bad had Dez not have to go to some club downtown all night wearing the same two different shoes. Silly guy.

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