Fayner Posts: I saw this thread on www.xxxporntalk.com. It began on the 4th of July and is called The Encyclopedia of Fayner for some reason or another.

Boy do these guys love me! So much so, I’ve discovered, that one thead in The Cage titled Great Scott Fayner Interview has brought in the most amount of views, actually twice as much as the next thread: 31829

Beat that assholes!

And I can’t help but think I’m super cool when someone sits on their computer on the 4th of July and writes about me. I’m like the next Gandi.

So here are eight people (or one posting with different names) who truly admire, adore and idolize little ol’ me.

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#1) Well, it looks like Scott Fayner is still hanging around the edge of porn. Fayner’s a lot like herpes: sometime you see him, sometimes you don’t, but he’s always there.

Are you having trouble locating your favorite Scott Fayner pictures and threads? I collected some of my favorites. Add to them if I missed one of your own favorites.

[Fayner Says: I’ll show some of the pictures they posted of me ’cause I can handle it.]

#2) Good Lord Willy, thats an impressive compilation.

#3)I did some whippets tonight in honor of Scott. And a lot of booze.

#4)This is all moot, now. Fayner finished a mainstream screenplay. There will surely be a bidding war between the major studios and he’ll be laughing at all of us when he’s not hoovering rails with Lindsay Lohan or finalizing deals at the Ivy. It’s his time to shine, now. All we can do is bask in the glow and hope some of that good fortune finds its way into our lives.

#5) The really sad part is I doubt even homosexuals would find Faylure unattractive these days. Apart from the ones who get off on guys who look like extras from Philadelphia of course.

#6) Scotty, if you’re reading this, let me be the first one to step forward and apologize to you. We harshly misjudged you. I now believe behind all the crack residue and layers of filth lay a man with tremendous talent and the wherewithal to fully utilize it. I am part of Team Fayner from this day forward.

#7) Random, I’d wait until you find out what the initiation is. And I understand the uniform is pink lycra. And not much of it. Either that or a green elf suit.

#8) Fayner is good people to have around. No matter how shitty your life gets at least you aren’t Fayner. Knowing that is what keeps me going some days. Thanks, Scott.

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