Fayner Posts: Am I the only one who has noticed that Gold Star modeling has totally stepped it up and is currently – in my eyes – the premiere adult agency, leaving the once powerhouse LA Direct to choke on its dust? No? I’m the only one? Well, give it time I guess, and you’ll soon see.

But the facts are there right in front of you in bold colors and sleazy prints. I’m not making this shit up, go see for yourself.

The newer girls (ie: the ones I have no idea who they are) on Gold Star are just hotter. Maybe its the better headshots, maybe its Joel in the background being nice instead of Derek in the background being a grouch, maybe the chicks are just hotter. I think its a combination of all three.

Its no big secret that Joel is way more of a people person than Derek. Derek is all business. He never misses a beat. Just like a dog will break each smell into many different distint smells, Derek does the same with each of his models, always thinking of how to squeeze that next commision out of them, let it be an addition to one’s “will do” list, an enchancement or just a new haircut. That’s not to say this is a bad thing; much of the talent loves the constant work (ie: constant flow of cash) Derek brings in. But over the years I can think of a dozen or so chicks that cracked under the continuous pressure Derek’s work schedule can demand and switched agents. And as there are many sluts who adore the non-stop flow of work Derek can secure them, there are just as many who fear going to the office to talk to him.

Joel, on the other hand, is a well-loved veteran who to me always seemed to take the Make Friends route over the Make Money route. Sure, his trenchcoat was a little creepy, but once you get past that Joel is an articulate, fun guy just trying to belong in the world. I doubt he’d ever schedule a girl to do a double anal knowing she doesn’t do it in hopes of her cracking under pressure and giving in to it so he can make a extra $100.

What does all of this mean? What was the thing I was trying to get across in the first place?

Its that Goldstar Modeling kicks ass!

And also that LA Direct kicks ass too, but just not as much Goldstar.

Oh, and that my opinion means absolutely nothing.

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