Fayner Posts: I’m so giddy right now ’cause Staci just reminded me of this from the other night when Michelle Avanti spent the night.

Here is my reinactment

Fayner: Would you make a good interview? ‘Cause if you will be, I’ll interview you.

Avanti: I’m a great interview! Luke Ford did a great one with me! [Avanti’s eyes now float into space, as if she is lost in deep desire].

Fayner: Luke’s a donkey.

Avanti: No, he isn’t!

Fayner: Hey Staci, I think she likes Luke Ford! Come and make fun of her with me!

Avanti: What do you mean? What’s wrong with Luke?

Fayner: He lives in his car.

Avanti: He what?!! Oh, no. Staci, is that true??

Fayner: If you admit you like him, I’ll tell you the truth.

Avanti: Okay fine, I kind of like him. He’s charming.

Fayner: There’s barbeque sauce from the 1999 AVN Awards still on that jacket he wears.

Avanti: Gross. Really?

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