Fayner Posts: This is a wonderful article I wrote for the fellows over at Hustler magazine, but got bumped due to space problems or something or another. Whatever. I’ll live. But I wanted to share it with all of you ’cause it, like me, is awesome.


It’s highly plausible that any one of the eight million geeks who religiously play the online fantasy game World Of Warcraft (or WOW) could easily make a few wrong keystrokes when signing into its web site and end up discovering a different kind of fantasy – the sexy kind! – by visiting a new-fangled mélange of America’s true pastimes, sex and games, called Whorecraft.

Not a game like its namesake, Whorecraft is instead an extension of the widely-popular hobby of online fantasy role-playing fused with pornography. Although Whorecraft’s inventor, Dez, insists his site has absolutely nothing to do WOW, including his assertion that even his name’s similarity is strictly coincidental; something about high-priced attorneys causing a stink over the little company with a parallel handle that features comparable characters brought to life and having sex betwixt a closely-related storyline.

Truth be told, Whorecraft models its characters, plots and costumes after the supreme fantasy role-playing adventure, Dungeons and Dragons, but as long as Dez refrains from making any references to WOW, he’ll gladly allow the bond it’s formed and ride its coattails to the annals of geek-greatness.

Whorecraft is a computer geek’s head cheerleader. What’s enticing these yahoos towards Whorecraft is their chance to finally lay the most popular Elvin Priestess in Thunder Sea; putting the hurt on the World’s most vile Rust Monster or Thaarak Hound may satisfy some primal urges, obviously, but seriously does this matter when you’re not getting laid at the end of a battle-torn day?

Whorecraft brings these fantasy games to life by using original characters – played by adult performers – and throwing them into conceivable situations (a Princess tears her cloak during battle) with erotic consequences (unable to pay for the cloak’s repair, she’s forced to use her body as a bartering chip).

Whorecraft’s home base is, and once a month adds a new chapter to the continuing story revolving around the characters Dez created from his years as a gaming nerd. There’s no skimping on production costs, curbing them bogus costumes and plastic swords for the more “Hollywood” feel of extensive makeup (done by Dez’s girlfriend, Staci), lavish outfits and bona fide weapons (Episode #5 star Nadia Nyce spent weeks practicing her swordplay prior to shooting). And knowing that a realistic fantasy sells this project, Dez and Staci have made sure to insert true environments to further propel their series, avoiding stale studios and concentrating on incorporating Los Angeles’s few castle locations when the story so dictates.

Whorecraft has caused a major stir in both the gaming and adult communities, with many XXX performers wishing to be a part of this inventive movie series, including Mia Rose (an avid gamer herself), Monica Mayhem, Jessica Jaymes, Shyla Styles and Ava Rose. Dez’s longtime dream of bringing sex to fantasy games has certainly come together: but who’d of thought his many two-day gaming benders in which his wrist dug an impressive groove into his computer desk would have paid off to this extent?

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