Reader Response to my criticism of Bush for letting Libby off:


I’m certain that you really have no Earthly interest in the truth here and will dump this email right about now, but for my own satisfaction and so you can’t ever say you didn’t have the opportunity, let me just say this regarding your post on President Bush.

1) The US Constitution explicitly bestows upon the president the power to commute sentences whenever he wishes and for whatever reason he chooses. It is not “corrupt” or “playing God” to do so. It’s just the law. No rules were “warped” in any way.

2) This is the first commutation Bush has issued in 6 years in office. Clinton issued dozens, including to convicted drug dealers, terrorists and international currency manipulators. All that was required was a) a political motive or b) a large sum of cash. The day you decide to declare any of THAT “corrupt” then maybe your opinion on the subject will have weight.

3) “The jury” did not decide on a sentence, as you claim. The judge did. The parole board recommended no jail time beyond that already served and the fines. The judge, a Democrat and veteran Bush hater, threw out the board’s recommendation (almost unheard of) and – for solely political reasons – made up this prison sentence.

4) Indeed, every jury member who has been interviewed has said that he or she thought the prison sentence was way too harsh.

5) The guy did nothing wrong. Neither he nor anyone else was accused of “outing” that ridiculous woman. Neither was he accused of conspiring to do so. He was found guilty of not agreeing with a time line that Tim Russert detailed in his testimony. The jury chose to believe Russert, thus making Libby a “liar” about something that was. Frankly, inconsequential. For THAT you think he needs two years in the can?

6) Do you honesty think he deserves two and a half years in jail for not committing a crime, or do you, like the judge, simply want to whack anyone connected with the Bush administration due to your own irrational hatred?

Wait – don’t bother to answer that last one. The answer is already pretty obvious.


Fayner Says: First off, Perjury is a crime. He was found guilty. He was not innocent.

And why shouldn’t Clinton pardon drug dealers? They’re on the CIA payroll, aren’t they? The same CIA that Papa Bush once was overlord of!!!

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