As we promised last week, there would be a major announcement in regards to a former contract star coming out of retirement.

After being out of the porn scene for five years, we’re happy to announce that former Wicked contract star TEMPTRESS has returned to porn.

Temptress will be shooting girl/girl only for now, getting herself back into the groove and then stepping up to shoot boy/girl.

Lukeford.com: It’s been a long time, why now?

Temptress: I wanted to come back just for a little while, not long term. I made a really good name for myself and thought it was a good idea to capitalize on that while I still could. Plus I miss the fans.

Lukeford.com: So only G/G for now?

Temptress: For now ya, but don’t expect that to last long. I’ll be doing Boy/Girl shortly!!

Lukeford.com: Are you going to be repping yourself? Or do you have an agent?

Temptress: I just met with September from Exotic Star Modelling last night and she’ll be representing me. I’m not going to work ‘a lot’, maybe once or twice a week, I’m going to be very picky about who I work for and with. I’m not going to work for any websites because I’m planning on launching my own website so I don’t want my images to be plastered all over the web on other sites, maybe some content trades with other performers but that’s about it.

Lukeford.com: Didn’t you ponder a comeback in 2003?

Temptress: Yes I did. When Keith (O’Connor) was head of production for Metro I thought of coming back to work for him exclusively, but I just wasn’t ready. So instead he built me a website but when he left Metro they kept the website so I stopped working on it.

Lukeford.com: I take it he’s going to build the new website?

Temptress: Yup, he’s going to build it. We’ve been discussing it for a few weeks now and building has started. I want to really be proactive on the site. I’m going to put like 3 or 4 cameras in my house so my fans can watch me 24/7. I am a TRUE voyeur in every sense of the term so it will be fun for me. I’ll have my girlfriends over to give the members a real show. Plus all exclusive content to the site, so it should be fun.

Lukeford.com: A lot has changed since you left, have you kept up with porn?

Temptress: No, not at all. I hardly know anyone in the game now.

Lukeford.com: What about companies? You planning on going gonzo or sticking to features?

Temptress: Since the industry is now 90% gonzo, it’s safe to say I will be doing some gonzo. But I will be very choosy about which companies I work for and what type of scenes I do.

Lukeford.com: Looking forward to working with anyone in particular?

Temptress: Like I said I don’t know a lot of the people in the biz today. BUT I am looking forward to working with McKenzie Lee next week for my first scene. Keith lined up the scene with her and I’m really looking forward to that one, she’s with September too so that’s cool. I know Mckenzie is a really nasty girl when it comes to sex, so should be an explosive scene. I’m also a big time ‘gamer’ and I have been reading a lot about ‘Whorecraft.net‘ and I love their site and the premise of what they do so I would love to shoot a scene with them!!!

Lukeford.com: You said no websites… LOL, you just contradicted yourself.

Temptress: That’s completely different, ‘whorecraft’ is the only website I would shoot for!

Lukeford.com: So what’s in your immediate plans?

Temptress: Heading to AIM to get tested, then tanning, then clothes shopping.Lukeford.com: It’s almost intimidating to sit with you, you’re smart, tall and beautiful



Temptress: Oh fuck off.

Lukeford.com: Would you consider going under contract again?

Temptress: Not a chance. I won’t be around long enough for that.

Lukeford.com: Why G/G, you know guys are gonna wanna see you munch on the dick.

Temptress: Oh and they will, just not now, not yet. Trust me, I love dick and everyone will see that but for right now I plan on diving into some pussy to ease back into the game.

Lukeford.com: Anal, interracial, squirting?

Temptress: Tried anal once on camera, never again!!! I’ve done interracial and have no problem with that, one of my best scenes was with Lexington Steele. Squirting?? You mean pissing, no thanks.

Lukeford.com: I’ve see a content set of you peeing, what’s wrong with that?

Temptress: Ya peeing IN A TOILET, not on a guy and pretending it’s ‘squirt’.

Lukeford.com: What’s your website name?

Temptress: I’ll tell you that soon enough, let me get it built first!! Once I do, then fans can write me direct.

Lukeford.com: Weren’t you good friends with Dcypher? The ‘Club Jenna’ director?

Temptress: Ya, we were close at one time, Keith told me about him being a director now I’d love to work for him!!!

Lukeford.com: Any other plans?

Temptress: I plan on doing in-store appearances, perhaps appear at a convention, AND I’d love to get back into dancing ‘eventually’ so if any club owners want to book me they should contact Exotic Star just know it won’t be for a few months!!!

Lukeford.com: Any chance of doing a scene with Scott Fayner?

Temptress: Who?

Lukeford.com: Glad to see you back, best of luck.

Temptress: Thank you, happy to be back!!! Can’t wait to start fucking on camera again!!

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