Has anyone else noticed that according to John T Bone EVERYONE he does business with is a crook?

Lets just look at the latest 2 examples.

T Bone went on a rant claiming that Damaged Pictures stole money from him, wouldn’t pay him, bla bla bla.

T Bone turned to his personal blog to go on the attack, until he got some money from Damaged.

Now T Bone enters into business with Skye Blue, and once again John comes out with the same exact claims and once again he uses his personal blog to illicit some type of response from Skye.

…. those are just 2 examples. There are countless more examples of ‘bad dealings’ T Bone has had in the past with performers, distributors, the authorities.

Could it be T Bone has the ‘worst case of dumb luck’ of anyone in this business?

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