Luke , Dom , Marie-do and I went to Jenna Jamesons Bday party at 40 duece. It was so much fun!!!!! You can see pix and vid on wireimage , , and TMZ!! It was a good time, and I’m happy we were invited! Thanks and Happy Bday Jenna!

anyway ,I figured it was time to get to work on some of these questions cuz the inbox is getting pretty full!!! here’s a few ! 🙂

1.”Hey Kendra, I have a question for ya…What does the tat on your boys wrist say???I forget to tell ya all the time to give not only peanut but your pooch sabastian a big kiss for me…Do they get along?”

There are two, one on each wrist. One says “Hope ” and the other says “Faith”.And Sebastian and Peanut LOVE eachother like crazy…they make out all day long!!

2.”Are you finished with your dance shows? Did you feel weird going back? Did you have a full house?”

The shows were great. It was a little wierd going back , I guess. and yes, the shows were pretty packed …since I seem to only do them randomly no one ever knows if or when I’ll be back so they come out when they can !

3.”Who’s more high maintenance….You, or Lukas? LOL I’m thiking its about equal…lol “

DEFINITELY HIM !!! ( that is , as long as it’s only ME you’re asking – he may answer that one differently!)

4.”You and Lukas are soo hot together!! Any plans for a wedding in the future?!Also what made you umm…change your line of work?! “

Never know what the fture will bring…I changed my line of work because I was unhappy….

5.”you’re starting to plan your b-day party, aren’t you!! Exciting!! I didn’t do anything too different for my 30th, actually, I think I was working…LOL What kind of cake is your fave? Is it going to be at a club, or somewhere private, or just your place now? “

Yep…my bday is next week..I dont know what kind of surprises are in store .Im doing an appearance in Sacramento but I think we may have some kind of afterparty.Who knows?And I like ice cream cake. the kind with the crunchy stuff at the

6.”I have another one for your Q & A this week. I was lying in bed watching Rent (somewhat of a ritual) and it made me think of you since I know how much you love the movie…my fav too by the way!!

So this made me wonder, which character do you relate to most and why”

I love you for loving RENT!! It’s a ritual for me to see it every time I am in NYC.My favorite MiMi ever is Antonique Smith. She’s RAD and she has a myspace check her out!! And yes , I relate most to mimi….it’s my dream role!!

7.I have a question. What got you into dancing and how long have you been doing it. Is the drop dead sexy outfit from your show?

It’s somewhat normal for anyone in the adult business with a big name to feature I started when I was about 19.I love getting to dress up in sexy outfits and pretend to be some sexy chick that all the boys alter-ego is fun!! ( Cuz deep down I’m just a total geek that walks around in sweatpants every day with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup!!)

8.”Why is it that you are so interactive with your fans and fellow myspace people. I think it’s great and i only ask because most people in your “status” so to speak are not like that. “

Because I love it , it’s who I am and what I am..and I love meeting and making friends with all of you !

9.”Do you guys lead the least bit of a normal life or is everything just utter chaos all the time??? Seems you’d always be busy with something. “

When we’re home , life is very normal. We cook dinner , play with the dogs , watch movies , play xbox , and RELAX. Life’s too short to be chaotic all the time. I just wanna enjoy it !

10.”Do you have anything you bought and regretted doing that, what and why”

yes. The entire closet full of clothes that I have with price tags still on it….I always buy clothes that I never wear.It’s such a waste…but on a brighter note , when I moved , I did donate TONS of stuff to the salvation army…so at least they are doing someone some good !

11.”What do you to cheer yourself up when you’re down?”

It depends on what I’m sad about. I usually write or listen to music.Or I just call a girlfriend and vent , maybe go grab some starbucks…but I swear the best cure for a bad mood is my puppy’s cute little face!

12.”since you are so busy with both of your lives do you ever get board and just start checking out the 8 million profiles on your friends list? It has got to be pretty entertaining”

Actually , yeah , I do ! Guilty as charged. And yes, it’s always pretty entertaining!!

13.”What question(s) do you hate being asked and why?

I hate being asked sexual questions, people assume that because I was once in the adult biz that I am some kind of sex connisuer.I’m not. I just played one on TV.

14.”Where do you see yourself or where would you like to be in 10 years time?”

Though I believe people should continue to change and evolve throughout their entire lives , I’d have to answer truthfully..Hopefully right where I am today.For the first time in my life , where I am is a really good place in every aspect .

15.Will we see anymore poetry from you anytime soon?

Unfortunately , probably not as they are all being put in my book, which wont be out for quite a bit!

16.”This is kinda okward but dont know anyone else that know alot about hair but i just wanted to see what u could tell me a bout split ends and what shampoo may help keep from gettin them?? “

I SWEAR BY Bed Head Self-Absorbed shampoo and Conditioner , and also any Kerastase products ! They are great for keeping your hait shiny and healthy , also a trim every 6 to 8 weeks keeps the dead ends away!

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