Parent: Child Partied at Porn Star’s House in Jacksonville Country Club

JACKSONVILLE, FL– Behind the gates of the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club is a home that a 20-year-old woman by the name of Heather Dorsey is renting.

It is the same place where one Jacksonville parent says her child met Dorsey and says she’s found out that Dorsey is a porn star.

"Your child knew she was a porn star?"

"Yes, and it didn’t set off the alarms in my child and my child was raised with the right values," says the mother, who does not want to be identified. We’ll call her "Lisa."

Lisa says her child first met Heather Dorsey a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t until mom checked her child’s Myspace page last week that alarm bells went off.

"She openly advertised on Myspace she was a porn star," says Lisa.

That Myspace page has now been taken down.

Before the postings were removed, Lisa found several of her child’s friends also had postings on their Myspace pages from Heather.

Lisa says she went to her child for answers. "My child indicated to me that she (Dorsey) seemed a sweet, happy woman and she lived in Jacksonville Golf and Country Club. My child confessed to me under great pressure what had been happening," says Lisa.

Lisa says her child told her there was alcohol, drugs, sex and naked girls at the parties.

First Coast News found that Heather Dorsey has a business license in Florida under the name of Jenny Hendrix.

Jenny Hendrix has a website advertising movies she’s been in, upcoming tours and upcoming Playboy features.

First Coast News also found that porn star Jenny Hendrix also advertises as an escort. Comments on the site say she charges $800 to $1,000 an hour.

"My understanding is some of the parents knew of her line of work and were not upset by it, and it was a great surprise to me," says Lisa.

Dorsey’s home is a few blocks from where Sheriff John Rutherford lives. First Coast News has confirmed through a number of sources that JSO is investigating Dorsey as well as her boyfriend, Jeremy Doudna.

Doudna was arrested last week for allegedly beating up Dorsey. "My understanding, from my child, is he (Doudna) is a producer in the porn industry," says Lisa.

First Coast News has learned that Jeremy Doudna has a screen name of Jack Spade. Spade is listed as a porn star too, with a host of movies behind his name.

According to a Jacksonville Golf and Country Club neighbor, who does not want to be on camera, she remembers seeing the two at the house along with many wild parties.

The woman says she even found a bag of drugs in her front lawn after one of the parties.

JSO Assistant Chief Rick Graham says he will not confirm or deny whether or not JSO is investigating Dorsey and her boyfriend.

Heather Dorsey told First Coast News Friday afternoon that she is no longer living in the country club. Dorsey declined to make any further comment.

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