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Yes that’s right folks, I’m back in the land of lunacy, filth and depravity (and that’s just the house where I stay!!). But seriously, I landed at 7pm last night, after the most hellish journey known to man where I was cruelly subjected to 3 screaming infants and a OAP with Tourettes.

I spent today travelling back and forth on the 101 (it’s like the M1 to my British peeps) attempting to get to AIM to have my HIV and STI tests done but it seemed to doomed to failure from the get-go. Anyway, I finally got my blood and urine looked at (thank you Scott), so hopefully I can start work in a couple of days, but in the meantime, I’m being entertained by Harmony Rose, Carly Parker, Denise K, Kylie Wild and Nikki in the house where I stay. You may think that this is every man (and indeed any bi-curious and lesbian woman’s dream) but I’m a woman of 27 who cherishes her private time and space. Nontheless, they are all fantastic girls and are definately making my return fun so far!!!!!

I shall keep you all posted.

Alexis xxx

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