Club Jenna contract star McKenzie Lee writes on her MYSPACE page


life has been a little crazy lately,christopher and i moved state to a new house… that took a while to get oganised again……. and we are still trying to get there….

so as you guys know im currently 32 weeks pregnant (8 months) and we are super excited waiting for the arrival of our little girl….. pregnancy is actually alot harder than it looks….. especially when you can’t see yout feet anymore when you stand up right…lol…….. apart from that everythings going great,she moves around all the time…..i tell christopher she’s gonna be the captin of a cheerleading team one day…….

christopher has been great he’s sooooooooooooooooo excited to be a dad,he talk’s to my belly more than he talks to me…….im very lucky he’s super involved goes to every doctors appointment and wants to video record nearly every moment…….yeah she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl……our little girl’s name is gonna be Tessa Isabella,daddy’s choice!!!! he’s into italian name’s…… he actually thought of this name from the get go and then as the pregnancy got further along Tessa Isabella just stuck….. it just seem’s right!! im a very lucky girl to have christopher and i love him with all my heart….

we have been looking for a photographer to take some pregnancy nude black and whites so hopefully we will have some pics to post soon…

so that’s about that for now…im just going day to day…..bump’s getting bigger,im in love and happy!!!

Hope everyone’s well and happy : )


mac xoxox

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