Two Lenawee County Jail officers have been fired after authorities said they urged an inmate to strip and run naked around his cellblock in exchange for a piece of cherry pie."

We took decisive action," Sheriff Larry Richardson told The Daily Telegram.

Richardson said the firing of the officers — two of the jail’s best employees — was recommended by the county’s labor attorney. Richardson said he learned of the incident in a letter from another inmate.

The sheriff’s department said Sunday that the names of the officers weren’t being released. Union officials have challenged the firings, saying the punishment was too severe.

Union local president Deputy Michael Osborne said it’s not normal procedure to fire such employees after a single incident.

Richardson said the officers considered it a prank. An investigation found that the male inmate who was urged to strip saw the two officers eating in August in the jail’s glass-enclosed control tower and asked for some food.

The conversation turned to joking about what the inmate would do for cherry pie, the investigation found, and the inmate said he was willing to streak. Richardson said the inmate was allowed out of his cell and streaked.

No criminal charges will be brought, the Lenawee County prosecutor’s office has ruled. Following that decision the department went ahead with internal disciplinary action, Richardson said. "We had to be satisfied there was no criminal act," Richardson said.

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