Fayner Posts:  I knew the day would come when Mia Rose’s talented mouth and tongue would find its way to the crooked skin I call my penis. It happened around four in the morning today. I was drunk and cracked out, banging on the door and ringing the bell. No answer. About to give up, I decided to at least try the door to see if it was locked. It wasn’t. I snuck in, went up to Mia’s room. She was at the computer playing World of Warcraft.

Sure, I was all fucked up on drugs, but Mia looked super good in her pajamas and sleeping mask she fashioned into a headband.

We chatted for a bit quietly so not to wake up Ava. A bulge appeared in my Israel Army pants.

Before getting down – and her going down – I grabbed my iPod and plugged it into her speakers. I then hit shuffle.

Time for business.

Knowing Mia’s skills though some scenes I’ve checked out, I was prepared for a blistering hummer worthy of the Gods.

First though, music was needed. I hit shuffle and dropped my pants.

The first song to play was "Mr. Scary" by Dokken. I tapped the double-bass part on Mia’s gorgeous head while she did her magic. Then "Way Cool Jr." by Ratt, "Nobody’s Fool" by Cinderella and Skid Row’s "18 and Life." I sang along most of the way though.

"Are you even paying attention to me?" she slurped.

I didn’t answer, just kept on singing Skid Row."Bang bang shoot em up, the party never ends. You cant think of dying when the bottles your best friend!"

It’s true 80s hair bands and blow jobs  – receiving, not giving – rank among my most enjoyable activities ever, but unlike peanut butter and jelly these two treats prove to be a lousy combination for me.

"This isn’t gonna work, sweetie. I have that damn Tom Keifer in my head, and he ain’t leaving."

"Who the fuck is that?" she asked.

"He’s the singer of Cinderella. His hair really sucked, but not as much as the drummer Fred Coury. Now his hair really sucked."

"At least someone’s sucking, ’cause I’m not anymore. You know where the door is, right?"

So I left. I listened to LA Guns on the ride home and got a boner, thought about going back to Mia to show her but decided to leave the woman alone.

I’m not sure of any of this story I told is even true. Actually, I am sure. I didn’t happen with me and Mia. It happened years ago but I thought Mia was perfect to play the pissed-off cocksucker instead of that guy I picked up in Queens and had him suck me off in an alley years ago.

I like telling the story with Mia instead of that guy.


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