An Email: If the rumors regarding Shy Love’s recently announced split with Hustler are correct, the message Shy Love left one of the Vicious Media investors she fucked over (figuratively, not literally) back in June was somewhat prophetic.
Despite the press release her publicist released earlier this week that claimed Shy was parting from Hustler Video on good terms, insiders suggest that the early termination of former Hustler Honey’s contract may have been the result of negative fallout from the way she bilked investors, performers, and suppliers out of money while at Vicious, coupled with a continued lack of professionalism on her part.
In short, a lot of people are pissed at Shy and refuse to work with her because she has either screwed them over personally, or screwed someone they know.  Hustler may have given her a second chance under the mistaken belief that her scandalous business practices would cease under their guidance, only to realize later that Shy was incapable of dealing honestly with anyone – even them.
During a June 9 voice message that contained a thinly veiled threat to cut one of her investors out of Vicious, Shy acknowledged that fallout from her conduct at Vicious could affect her Hustler deal. “I am about to call Hustler and I don’t know if this deal is just something I should back away from so that then to put us in this predicament where I am gonna look like a jackass,” Shy says in the voice message she left for one of the Vicious Media investors on June 9.
As the photo clearly illustrates, Shy does indeed look like a jackass. Ask any of the many people whom she owes money to in this industry, and you can find out specifics.

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