Fayner’s Cousin Writes In: Dude, i just was fucking around on google and you have a fucking wikipedia entry.  Did you fucking just hear me?  What the fuck???  I’m not sure if i want to punch you in the face or hug you, but i can tell you for sure that you are now an official P-I-M-P.

good to talk to you the other day.

Fayner Says: Oh, yeah, it feels so good. I’ve gotten a wikipedia entry! I’m so damn proud! I should be cast in bronz or something. That would be cool.

But I think my cousin was a bit misinformed about my status; you see, he is the one who should have an entry on wikipedia because he is a doctor, well, a dentist, and that my friends is far more superior than being a writer in porno if you ask me but you didn’t so I’ll just end this at that.

Rock on

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