Fayner Posts: Tuesday was Dez’s Thirty Weekday; that is, it was his 30th birthday. I really didn’t care one way or another, but TR and everyone kept pushing me to go out roller skating with them and eventually with the thought of maybe getting one of the Rose sisters to give me a handjob in the parking lot I agreed to show up.

We showed up at the appropriate time of 8:30. Dez, Alaura, the Rose Girls, Danny, Dan, Yuka and everyone else showed up at 10. They were late. I was ready to throw Dez’s cake in the parking lot and leave, but as you will see in the following pictures of Mia’s ass I had no choice but to stay when they all walked in.

Dez has been sober for like two months, so an activity was chosen to reflect what I guess a sober person would do on their birthday: roller skating.


Taylor Ran It at the helm, Ava Rose holding down the caboose

Winston Burbank’s size 11 roller blade reflects his size 11 throbbing cock

Girls shaking ass!

Fayner’s dream of holding hands with Winston while on skates has finally been realized

Three stoned chicks in need of candy

This place rules! Winston used to work here in high school!

Alaura Eden likes much older guys. BTW – Dez should have been on drugs ’cause he would have had an excuse for falling down every five minutes

Alaura about to crash the boards!

How hot is Ava Rose on skates?

When in Dumbtown, do as the dumb people do

Somewhere behind Mia is a guy with a boner (hint: It’s Winston)

Ava’s hand is on Fayner’s cock

Choo Choo!

Fayner’s penis votes this the sweetest ass in town

Choo Choo Part Two!

Finding love at Skate Town!

If I knew Mia was gonna rub her crotch on anyone who fell and pretended they were hurt (like Yuka is) I would have slipped and cracked my skull open

All the chicks want Fayner when he’s wearing his horrible orange slacks!

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