Jenna Jameson Posts on her MySpace page: This past month has been a complete whirlwind for me. Living in LA and working my little tail off has proven to be a super good and challenging time. But you know me, I love a good challenge!

I spent a couple of weeks in Mexico this month shooting an incredible pictorial for an insanely well known magazine (shhhhhh) and ended up getting caught in a category 3 hurricane! LOL Leave it to me… that old Jameson luck! EEEEK

It would have been tolerable but, the place we were shooting had no electricity and was grass huts situated over the water…. needless to say, I was foot deep in water for days INSIDE MY ROOM!!!! Miserable I tell ya!

But, even after all of that… the pictures were the most beautiful I have ever done, by a long shot. I will make the announcement soon where you can see them! 🙂

Anyway… I am headed to the city of sin until Sunday for a few red carpets and a lot of partying…after Vegas I am headed to Florida for Titos fight against Shamrock! Everyone make sure you tune in October 10th to Spike TV to see my man kick some ass. I’m sure you will see me too, I will be right there in the front row, cheering him on!

Alright I am headed to bed… hope everyone is feeling as fabulous as I am!


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