Fayner Posts: But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Travis works for Zero Tolerance. His dumbness means the company must be awesome if they’re still in business with a dumbass like  him working behind the scenes.

Case in point: Travis’ girl Jenna Presley came home last night and needed a backrub. Travis the Bitch jumped right at it and threw on some Ben Gay to work on her back. Then he washed his hands, as Ben Gay hurts like a motherfucker if not properly cleaned.

Returning, Travis noticed a tiny bit of Ben Gay still on Jenna’s back. He wiped it off.

Then, in true Travis form, he began playing with his penis. A minute later the Ben Gay kicked in and his penis was on fire. It doesn’t go away and hot water just makes it worse.

Hail Travis!

One thinks that if this were Medieval times Travis would be the town dumbass and would have to live in a pile of garbage. Yeah, I’d be right next to him in that pile of garbage but for once this is a story about someone else being a dumbass.


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