Fayner Posts: The spider that bit Alaura Eden last week has been living the high-life since then, setting up shop in the master bedroom of their condo and doing what he wants, when he wants.

You see, Dez has already tried on four occasions to kill the damn critter, but his tough guy powers don’t seem to work on eight-legged tiny things. There are three holes in the wall and a broken window.

Bullets have been purchased and loaded into various weapons. Cans of hairspray and lighters have been strategically placed around the abode in case they meet up face-to-face in the middle of the night.

Alaura has been laughing at Dez, calling him soft and weak because he can’t seem to kill the spider who almost killed her. He swears he will end up victorious over the spider. Alaura tells me in confidence she doesn’t have faith that Dez will succeed. I agree with her. Dez has finally met his match.

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