Fayner Posts: Friday night at sundown was the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Year 5767 biatches!

TheRealLukeFord of is half-Jewish. His mind and heart belong to the faith, his blood does not. That’s okay, though.

So at the beginning of the New Year TheRealLukeFord went to temple. On his way home he allegedly got kidnapped by three women bodybuilders and thrown into the back of a mini van.

According to reports, the three women violated TheRealLukeFord by making him read out of the New Testament.

"But I’m Jewish!" TheRealLukeFord reportedly screamed out. "I can’t read this baloney!"

"Do it or pay the consequences!" one of the women hollered.

TheRealLukeFord allegedly refused to read from the book of Christian beliefs.

According to eyewitnesses, TheRealLukeFord was picked up by police wandering the streets. His arms were covered in bruises and it looked like a porner held him down and tried to rape him.

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