So I’m sitting with TMFR, she’s just lounging on the couch watching me work. She just woke up (that’s her excuse), hasn’t even had coffee yet.

So she’s telling me about how her younger brother got expelled from the ENTIRE Orange County School District, and that her mom keeps calling her. But she hasn’t ‘had the time’ to call her back.

Then she tells me her dad has called her a few times and he wants her to visit and have lunch. Again, ‘i have no time’.

THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF A ROCKSTAR!!! She doesn’t work, she has no obligations, she has no schedule. BUT SHE HAS NO TIME IN HER DAY????? What the hell is wrong with that picture!!!

Lets try and figure this one out. She wakes up late morning, early afternoon, gets high, drinks tea or coffee, reads email on her $4,000 email checker, writes a story or two, goes on vacations, goes out to lunch with friends, has dinner, gets her nails done, goes to the spa, gets high, posts a story now and then, does some live chats, responds to fan mail, watches Nip Tuck, Family Guy, The Simpsons, B-Bops with Fayner to Katie and Barretts house, Travis and Jenna’s, clips weed, naps, plays with pitbulls, takes bubble baths, then bedtime. Holy shit, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!!!

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