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Blog this Bitch Up!

Ok, let’s start out by saying thxx for all the incredibly kool emails and comments… it’s been unreal and extremely appreciated!!!! The last month and half has been insaaaaaaane. I have been home maybe 6 days of it, ugh. The transition with Playboy has been a lot more than we anticipated and everyone on my staff has been whooping ass and pulling long hours to get thru it. I have been traveling and ramping up production. We are now producing 5-7 movies a month…ouch someone’s wrinkle’s gonna be sore! I have been in LA nonstop..umm BARF (even though I have been enjoying the nightlife- it is def kool being out and single). I had a few trips to Miami (what a city… I could go on about Miami for 3 blogs!) a killer quickie in Chicago, and a chill trip to New York (my fav city period!) Vegas has been fun I have been there for work and last weekend for pleasure. Labor Day in Vegas is sikkkkkkkkk. I stayed at the Palms and got one of their Sky Villas!! If you have seen the new tower with the Playboy Insignia you prob noticed the rooms above the Bunny with the white slab sticking out of the building… that slab is a pool! I had one of those rooms… Ok, the room was off the hook. Like 3k sq ft of sin! The room was extremely well used throughout the weekend (even the gym in the room was used by my bro who is a cardio nut..jim we are in Vegas- get off the treadmill !) Watching him doing cardio after 6 a.m room service made me wanna vomit! The room was really amazing and by far the nicest room I have been in in Vegas, and I have been in some shitstain leaving suites! The suites like that are cool bc you have a butler 24/7 and can pretty much get anything you want at anytime. I highly recommend trying out the new tower at the Palms… the Playboy Casino opens in October you will b seeing my ass in there on a weekly basis chillin. Ok, like I have the time for that..we can all dream! So, traveling has been great… it’s been nice to catch up with old friends and hang out. I got some new tattoo work while I was in NYC.. Anil took care of me and I got about 15hrs of work while I was there. I have a shot of the new forearm piece in my profile pics. The dogs have been insano.. The 4 bitches slzp in bed with me every night…ahh life of a Pornking…lol. I get a sliver of the bed while they sprawl out and blow out their O’rings all night! Nacho keeps watch at the door (hey, its his job) Diamond, the nice lil dinosaur, has been in full pissed off puppy mode.. since I am not here a lot she has decided to wage war on my hats and shoes! She has become the hat piranha! Anything that smells like me or the wrink she destroys, lol.

Today was chill. We have distributors convention in town (which means my ass gets to stay in town for a few days…ahhhh) and I get to meet with a bunch of old school friends as well as meet some of the store owners and new distributors. Sales went well today and its nice to talk about roll out and realisms with the peeps! 2nite I took some of the old schoolers to dinner and some drinks. The stories were flyin…funny shit. I love my industry, it is like a family and filled with some incredible people! Tomorrow will be more of the same followed by a lil more of the same .. and ending with …umm uh ahh ..more of the same, LOL. That’s right niggabitch…lol. In case you don’t visit my page and live in a vacuum …I will toss out the fact that I am starting a new label with a buddy…our first project group is playing on my profile. I am super excited… our guy is amazing and can’t wait to start promoting him. I guarantee his video I shoot will blow everything away… Fuk that ole gay rap video BS… we gonna roll this out Club Jenna style! I have been storyboarding out the video…hehehehee, daddy’s got some new trix and it ain’t a fish hook bitches! So, that is something I am pretty xcited about. Other cool and exciting news.. we launch our skateboard line soon , t-shirt line is out, and our lingerie line is en route. Who needs to sleep???? We are producing an shooting almost 7 movies a month right now…lol. So, needless to say… I really have not had too much time to reflect on being single.. only to enjoy the full benefits of it. .. . I got a few new cars and other bs toys over the last few months ..but whoopee doo da day! LOL ( I just reread that and shit-myself…I actually said, whoopee doo da day… how many times have you gotten to use that in life??? No, serials…how about none!) I have so much more to tell ya about, but I will save for another blog… My dunny I did for charity is up on Ebay, plzzz go bid on it. I made the dunny and added one of my working antique film cams to it (circa 1930) as well as used 35mm film from movie and other cool shiiattz.

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